[nSLUG] Dal-ACM Linux Installfest~ RSVP

Robert Ashley rb.ashley at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 20:25:16 AST 2007

Hi Chris,

I tried the wiki site for leaving an RSVP but it didn't work for me.
Sorry bout the inconvenience. Anyhoo, I'd like to come to the
installfest on the 27th.

I picked up the box below and like to get 1 of the two drives loaded
with Linux. I'm thinking about Debian Etch but I'll try anything. I'll
probably need to put Windows on the second hard drive, for awhile.

My goal is to see how much I can use Linux at work amidst a sea of my
Windows compatriots in the office. I'd like to expose my colleagues to
the Linux desktop.


AMD 64 Bit System

- Amd64 3200+ CPU(Socket 754) on an MSI MS-7135 Motherboard(NEW).
It has an AGP and a PCI Express Slot !!

- 80 GIG Western Digital Sata Hard Drive.(NEW)
2nd HardDrive - 40gig
- LG CD Burner. Black.
- 768 Megs of DDR Ram.
Black Atx Case with Silver Fron Bezel. Nice Enermax 350 watt
- Windows XP installed for testing.

On 1/3/07, Chris Jordan <cjordan at cs.dal.ca> wrote:
> Dal-ACM Linux Installfest
> Time: Saturday, Jan 27 1:00 – 5:00 pm
> Location: Dalhousie Computer Science Building, Atrium
> The Dal-ACM will be holding a Linux Installfest at the end of the month in
> the CSB atrium. If you are interested in getting started with Linux, having
> it installed on your computer, showing off a Linux project that you have, or
> just learning about free operating system and programs for your computer,
> just come out. There will be lots of Linux savvy volunteers to help you with
> any Linux questions or problems you might have.
> For more information please see our wiki:
> http://wiki.dal-acm.ca/Installfest. If you want to bring a
> computer and have Linux installed please leave an RSVP on the wiki with the
> specs of your system, your contact email, and what exactly you are
> interested in having done.
> Chris 
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