[nSLUG] experiences with rescue CD's and grub fix'n

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 23:30:39 AST 2007

This weekend I did some disk upgrades - upgrade one disk
from my home server Linux to a larger size, and then
moved the old one to the Kid's machine so they can dual
boot and get their Tux wet.

I had taken the precaution of putting an extra grub install on
a second IDE drive on my server, but it didn't help since my
motherboard would not support booting from the MBR on that drive.
Debian's 3.1 install CD doesn't offer a rescue mode.
I tried a KNOPPIX live CD but it would only see the drives
on the first of my two Promise IDE controllers.  I found
a nice recovery CD based on Debian called Timo's Rescue CD.
It could see all of my drives, and grub was able to write an
MBR to where booting was actually possible.

On the kid's machine, I used Gparted to move Windows to
the larger disk or two disks, and installed Ubuntu on
the original disk they had.  Windows would boot, but
complained about pagefile.sys - this seems to be a
problem common to disk cloning in Gparted and some
commercial utilties, unless you are using Ghost
or sysprep or something.

I wanted grub as the boot manager on the kid's box.
The grub setup on the Gparted cdrom failed to find part
of the stage 1.5 files.  Again, Timo's Rescue CD was
able to run grub fine.

So there you have it... two experiences in favor of
using Timo's Rescue CD <http://rescuecd.sourceforge.net/download.html>.


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