[nSLUG] ubuntu iso a dud

Preston Smith prbasmith at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 07:22:15 AST 2007

Good morning Bob!

You are welcome.  These iso images can be strange things

Glad Etch is working out for you.  I have yet to put LInux on my laptop 
since I am too lazy to build an appropriate Boot CD.

All of the best,


Robert Ashley said the following on 23/02/2007 5:22 PM:
> Appreciate the follow-up. I seem to be doing fine with Debian Etch.
> Or, it's just putting up with me.
> So like I remember a couple of years back when first exposed to Linux
> and this group. Most of the sophisticates advised sticking with one
> distro over flitting from one to the other. So I did.
> That said, maybe I've gone the other extreme--Debian-welded. I've
> never even tried anything else.  A real shut-in, I guess.
> :-)
> bob


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