[nSLUG] Machine Freezes on PCMCIA Card Insertion

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Interesting what you say about stack size.  I've experienced a particular
notebook and driver that would hang quietly very easily, while
NDISwrapper was being used.  I asked the developer why he didn't
code it so it produced a kernel stack dump.  Is the symptom of
a stack overflow that it will not produce a stack trace when
the kernel hangs?  I had kinda assumed the NDISwrapper developer
wasn't using the proper error handler for kernel drivers.


On 2/21/07, George N. White III <gnwiii at gmail.com> wrote:

> One way to get an i386 linux kernel to lock up is to use too small
> stack size.  Redhat likes 4k stacks, but some drivers and filesystems
> (SGI XFS on ide, NDIS wrapper) need a larger stack, usually people run
> 16k
> after they find 4k is too small.
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