[nSLUG] Partition resizing question

Havea Notherpuff haveanotherpuff at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 23:35:18 AST 2007

I kinda agree with the Budman about the partition being a different
number than you think it shoud be, except for one small difference,
and that is perhaps your friends  computer might have a backup
partition like mine does, what I had to do was to go to mininova and
download a copy of norton partition magic for experimental reason and
check what happens when you install it on windows and , and then try
partitioning with that.

That is what I had to do to get mine to partition the way i wanted it
to be. I also agree with George about the virtual windows running on
linux, but to answer your question and get your friends com dual
booting,partition magic might be your best bet,maybe one of your
friends has a copy,it worked for me, then I just uninstalled it and  I
haven't even used windows since that day. Good luck anyway.



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