[nSLUG] Partition resizing question

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Wed Feb 21 20:33:37 AST 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 14:17 -0600, Vikram Chhatre wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have not posted here in a long time.  How has the winter been in 
> Halifax so far?  I miss the snow.
> A partitioning question: A friend wants to have a dual boot system on 
> his laptop that has a 80 gig hd.  We tried resizing the partition to 
> free up some space for linux using Gparted, but the program fails to 
> write the changes to the disk.  The drive is /dev/hda but Gparted keeps 
> on looking for /dev/hdb.  I am baffled by this.
> A quick google search hinted that windows needed "chkdsk /f" before 
> Gparted could proceed, but haven't had any luck with that approach 
> either.  Yes, I am running Gparted as root (off of Ubuntu live cd).
> Any ideas?

Is this XP?

If so since WinME, Microsloth hides a 10MB partition for *internal
system usage*.  It's required for XP to run, so GParted is probably
correct in stating that /dev/hdb is the correct partition.  Do you
see /dev/hda listed (grayed out). It should be a small partition,
although XP may need a larger size now.  

You can try running  "fdisk -l" from cmdline to see whats really there.
If you see /dev/hda1 and its type is 7 or 17 (NTFS/hidden NTFS) and its
size is about 10MB (maybe larger in XP).  Are there any other devices in
the laptop that may be taking hda1?  I don't think the IDE device would
be swapped with the DVD or CE drive.  What drives does fdisk report?

Not exactly sure about the sizes.. haven't bothered with Windows since
98se, that only lasted a month and I went total Linux and never looked
back. :)



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