[nSLUG] timezone changes for DST changes and init

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 07:45:56 AST 2007

The most important changes needed in Linux
for our region came in libc and timezone patches
sometime last year.  However, there are sometimes
new patches related to other regions for these
DST changes which kick in on March this year.

On Solaris and FreeBSD, I noticed the patches to
libc (only required for POSIX timezone set up, which
most people don't use) required an immediate reboot.
If not, running services such as apache and ssh could
potentially fail.  Sun explains that the reboot isn't
really required, but that since so many services are
potentially effected, a reboot is the best choice.

I had never done a reboot following updates to libc for Linux,
but I had never noticed a problem either.

On last night's update to libc6 (Debian's package name), I noticed
this in syslog:

init: Trying to re-exec init

Is it really able to do that, or is this some sort of hint we
should be rebooting following a libc update?


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