[nSLUG] Machine Freezes on PCMCIA Card Insertion

Brandon W. Uhlman brandon at branflakes.net
Tue Feb 20 02:58:11 AST 2007

Hey, all.

At my job here in BC, we recently came across a small crate of old  
Gateway laptops (mid-level P3s) that used to be part of a travelling  
lab, and I decided to bring one home and see if I couldn't get Linux  
running on it, which I did fairly successfully.

The only problem I've run into is with the PCMCIA wlan card I'm using,  
a Linksys WPC11 (V1), which uses the hermes drivers from the kernel. I  
was able to boot the machine once or twice with the wireless card in  
it and use it succesfully, but now whenever I do, it freezes at the  
time when it detects the card in the bootup sequence, or if the  
machine is already started, it freezes immediately on insertion.

Nothing is recorded in the logfiles, and nothing strange looking  
appears in the output of dmesg.

I'm running Gentoo, kernel 2.6.19.

Has anybody run into a similar problem at some point?


Brandon W. Uhlman
5435 Walter Place,
Burnaby, BC
V5G 4K5


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