[nSLUG] Re: Graphics library?

Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Feb 16 17:35:40 AST 2007

>> produce a series of rendered images and then tack them together in an
>> animated gif (or png is around now I suppose).
> Or perhaps even better, an avi/mpg type file!

(I lost the thread somewhere here but I think this is apropos...)

My object is to have a visual model of the machine that can have its
parameters tweaked, preferably on the fly but at least by command
line switches.  Spring constant, open die clearance, RPM, elasticity
of the impact and, eventualy, a spring pre-load factor.  Those are all
under the control of the (real) machine user.  

But a canned mpeg would just be a cartoon show.

- Mike

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