[nSLUG] Re: Graphics library?

Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Feb 14 03:10:37 AST 2007

Jeff> The number of people that programs in "X" can only be compared
Jeff> to the number of people who know how to write unique JCL.

Ha!  Well, I suppose that's true.  My first exposure to X (and Unix)
took place where the X developers were right down the hall and I was a
total newbie guinea pig.  It was still X10. An hour after I mentioned
to my host something that looked like a bug, a weird guy I'd never
seen before arrived at my cubicle and asked me to reproduce it.  It
really *was* a bug. Around there, everybody was programming directly
in X and writing a window manager was regarded as "how you got
started".  Naturally, I never got near that far in just a few weeks
from a newbie start.

So I don't keep up.  While I was googling, I of course spotted a lot
of stuff -- too much to get a handle on -- about OpenGL.  What would
be the way into that if I wanted to pursue it?  Mesa?

- Mike

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