[nSLUG] copy/paste...web-->vim...unexpected results

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Feb 5 02:14:32 AST 2007

On Sun, 2007-02-04 at 22:46 -0400, Jack Warkentin wrote:
> Hi Bob
> I am unable to test this on my system 
> because my console keeps reporting, ever second or so, that my cd-rom 
> drive has no disc installed. So far I have been unable to discover 
> how to get rid of this message. Any help with this would be 
> appreciated.

What does you fstab look like for your cdrom drive?
Check if there are any auto options.

Do you have automount running? (forget the daemon, maybe automt)

Is there anything in the CDROM drive?  a music CD or non-bootable CD?

Does it only occur when X is running?
If so , it maybe something in your desktop manager looking to automount
CD drive.  

What distro ?



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