[nSLUG] Re: copy/paste...web-->vim...unexpected results

Robert Ashley rb.ashley at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 19:14:39 AST 2007

I enjoyed this post, Mike.  You had me going until I read that cue
word "obliged to use the console", which for me managed to invert your
post of deadpan precision into tongue-n-cheek irony.

If I read you right, then, you may be hinting that one need not get
all entangled in all these strings and subtle knots of console
contortions. That keeping it simple, going with what works, and
leaving it at, is probably the best policy.

I'm sure you'll let me know if I've misconstrued your meaning.



On 2/4/07, Mike <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:
> > I guess my aim here is to try to learn how to do more stuff without
> > a dependency on a GUI of any kind.
> Well, this may be a bit off your desired track, but I spent years with
> accounts on mainframes and Unix boxen at Dal and Athena, connecting
> from home via dialup or Datapac(tm) [go ahead, laugh] using my Osborne
> 1.  [okay, I'll just go get a coffee while you get over your
> hysterics].  The O1 had a terminal program/interface for which it was
> easy to construct a termcap entry.
> So I was able to do all manner of stuff on fast, powerful remote
> machines from an O1 in a farmhouse with wood heat and a hand pump in
> the kitchen using [drum-roll] GNU Emacs [rim-shot; booing and hissing
> stage left].
> Start emacs in a console.  Do M-X shell and get a shell in an emacs
> buffer which will retain output of command line commands.  Read/send
> mail, read/post news, M-X dired gives you an interactive file
> manager. There are numerous features specially for compiling code if
> you're into that. There's a text-based web browser in/for emacs that
> I've never used but you can do something like:
>    alias fetch 'lynx -dump -error_file=~/News/.lynxerr -nolog\
>                  -noredir -noreferer  -hiddenlinks=merge \!*'
> and then "fetch" ordinary web pages which will be dumped as text into
> the shell buffer complete with all the href= links referenced as
> footnotes.  Cut and paste between files, command output, incoming mail
> or news etc. is a breeze. Chief shortcoming is that commands/apps that
> use curses or otherwise insist on directly controlling a smart
> terminal don't work well within emacs and must be run on another
> console or with emacs temporarily suspended.
> So skipping over the frothing pro-emacs rant (and the tricks needed to
> cope with the admitted shortcomings), I would have been stuck at about
> the level of early glass tty access without emacs.  With it, the brave
> little O1 was a very functional window into the Unix (and VMS) world.
> Similar remains true for me now whenever I'm obliged to use the
> console.
> - Mike
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