[nSLUG] copy/paste...web-->vim...unexpected results

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Sun Feb 4 13:25:02 AST 2007

On 4-Feb-07, at 6:21 , D G Teed wrote:

> So far, I've only seen you mention the Windows Control-C/Control-V
> thing which Linux has supported for ease of transition.  The original
> copy/paste in Unix is still there: left mouse highlight does a copy,
> middle mouse button click does a paste.  That should work in any
> X environment.

Not only is the X copy and paste method always work, the windows  
compatibility hacks don't always work as expected. The ctrl- 
c,v,insert,del often use a different copy buffer then the X highlight  
(selection) buffer. To confuse matters further some X11 applications  
such at xterm use ctrl-insert to insert the X buffer, not the copy  
buffer used by most Gnome and KDE apps.

IIRC Vim has some settings to read from the various X buffers even if  
Vim is running in a console window (versus gtk Vim). If you use Vim  
often it might be worth looking up.

Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v should not have been implemented in X. In console apps  
both keys are significant. Ctrl-c is quit. Ctrl-v is often insert key  
literally not the key function. Try the sequence ctrl-v ctrl-c on a  
command line in xterm to see what I mean.



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