[nSLUG] Couple of DAT drives for sale

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Sun Dec 30 15:53:11 AST 2007

Before I offer these up on eBay, Ill post them here.

I have two "new" HP DAT drives for sale. 

C1555D ("DAT 24 Internal Tape Drive") 
	24GB being the "list" size
	72GB "list"

They are both the complete install kits with each a data and cleaning
tape, short power cord, rails, software and the manuals that. They have
been had the external, and accessory boxes opened, the 72GB seems never
to have the static bag touched, but is missing the SCSI ribbon and
terminator that is in the smaller one.

Interesting trades considered, but the paper foldy stuff is preferred...
Make me an offer. I have no reason to believe that they don't work, so
can guarantee against DOA. 

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