[nSLUG] Between rock and hard place with acpi & mondo?

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Wed Dec 12 20:56:45 AST 2007

On Wed, 12 Dec 2007, Robert Ashley wrote:

> Thanks to the others for suggestions. Dop, where does the -k FAILSAFE fit
> into the command scheme. Right from the launch of the mondo work, like the
> first command, or somewhere during the mondo process?

mondoarchive -O -k FAILSAFE

Plus whatever options you normally use appended.

> In passing, do you still support the mondo backup image process. Just
> curious, because I've read a couple of accounts of disappointed Ubunutu
> users, that mondo failed them. Anecdotal, I know.

Yes. I have one client with, I think, somewhere in the region of 20 
machines that rely on mondo to backup the firewall image. Replacing a 
machine is just a matter of taking a box off the shelf, putting the CD for 
the relevant location in, waiting 10 minutes for it to image and then it's 
ready to be dropped into service on-site with the local customisations 
ready to roll. The only difficulty I've encountered is SATA support under 
Debian sarge; the etch version works fine, though.

> I'll note that before the Mandriva2008, I installed PCLinuxOS from a live CD
> and didn't have this problem. That would indicate to me that something is
> funky between Mandriva and my particular/peculiar hardware.

I would imagine it's down to kernel options somewhere - or possibly kernel 
changes through different releases.

> PCLinuxOS, however, refused to let me change screen resolution, at least 
> through the graphical route. It insisted on 800x600 (That Sun monitor 
> you donated, Dop!), but I know it works just fine at 1024x768.

It might be defaulting to 800x600 because it can't get VESA DDC info off 
the monitor. I have no idea how you'd ram a config change down PCLinuxOS' 
throat, though.

> I'd go back to Debian (kinda miss it), but I fear I've been too dumb to work
> through solutions to solve audio codec stuff and the jungle of video
> formats. I'm lost on that one.

Ubuntu might be worth a whirl. My wife finds it fairly easy to get along 
with, and it picks up the hardware on install quite well. I've also got 
the mechanics at my local bike shop running it and they seem to find it 
easy to use - although they don't use it for much more than watching 
videos on Youtube and the like...

Cheers... Dop.

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