[nSLUG] Between rock and hard place with acpi & mondo?

Robert Ashley rb.ashley at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 18:49:26 AST 2007

Thanks Jack. For once, I'm not 20 years behind the times, hardware-wise, so
I know it'll enable acpi.

Thanks to the others for suggestions. Dop, where does the -k FAILSAFE fit
into the command scheme. Right from the launch of the mondo work, like the
first command, or somewhere during the mondo process?

In passing, do you still support the mondo backup image process. Just
curious, because I've read a couple of accounts of disappointed Ubunutu
users, that mondo failed them. Anecdotal, I know.

I'll note that before the Mandriva2008, I installed PCLinuxOS from a live CD
and didn't have this problem. That would indicate to me that something is
funky between Mandriva and my particular/peculiar hardware. PCLinuxOS,
however, refused to let me change screen resolution, at least through the
graphical route. It insisted on 800x600 (That Sun monitor you donated,
Dop!), but I know it works just fine at 1024x768.

I'd go back to Debian (kinda miss it), but I fear I've been too dumb to work
through solutions to solve audio codec stuff and the jungle of video
formats. I'm lost on that one.

Anyhoo, no shortage of projects!

Thanks for the input.


On Dec 12, 2007 2:34 PM, Jack Warkentin <jwark at eastlink.ca> wrote:

> Hi Robert
> The problem *may* possibly be in the BIOS setup. What is the vintage of
> "my box"? Older machines support APM and not ACPI. Some machines support
> both but not simultaneously - you have to go into the BIOS and specify
> which you want.
> So, I would suggest checking the BIOS to see if that can get you going.
> Regards
> Jack
> You wrote:
> > Gerald and I put Mandriva 2008 on my box last Friday. (Thanks Gerald!)
> We
> > installed off a live DVD. First, we got no further than the first splash
> > screen and it hung there until we added acpi=off to the boot script
> (after
> > hitting F2 options).  Everything is now cool and working fine except
> with
> > shutdown. All files get unmounted, including hda but the fan keeps
> running.
> > So I have to hit the power button to turn it off, big deal.
> >
> > I tried fiddling with the acpi options through the KDE controls, but
> this
> > resulted in a defiantly unbootable box. I re-installed Mandriva a few
> > times--a big time sucker!--but got no further with the acpi thing.
> deletia
> > Then it hangs.  Googling the above text leads me to think that the tsc
> (time
> > stamp counter) issue is directly associated with an acpi issue. Hence,
> the
> > "rock-and-hard-place" cliche. I need acpi to make the rescue and I need
> > rescue to ease the fix experimentation.
> deletia
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