[nSLUG] Between rock and hard place with acpi & mondo?

Jack Warkentin jwark at eastlink.ca
Wed Dec 12 14:34:12 AST 2007

Hi Robert

The problem *may* possibly be in the BIOS setup. What is the vintage of 
"my box"? Older machines support APM and not ACPI. Some machines support 
both but not simultaneously - you have to go into the BIOS and specify 
which you want.

So, I would suggest checking the BIOS to see if that can get you going.



You wrote:

> Gerald and I put Mandriva 2008 on my box last Friday. (Thanks Gerald!) We
> installed off a live DVD. First, we got no further than the first splash
> screen and it hung there until we added acpi=off to the boot script (after
> hitting F2 options).  Everything is now cool and working fine except with
> shutdown. All files get unmounted, including hda but the fan keeps running.
> So I have to hit the power button to turn it off, big deal.
> I tried fiddling with the acpi options through the KDE controls, but this
> resulted in a defiantly unbootable box. I re-installed Mandriva a few
> times--a big time sucker!--but got no further with the acpi thing.


> Then it hangs.  Googling the above text leads me to think that the tsc (time
> stamp counter) issue is directly associated with an acpi issue. Hence, the
> "rock-and-hard-place" cliche. I need acpi to make the rescue and I need
> rescue to ease the fix experimentation.


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