[nSLUG] MythTV hardware?

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Mon Dec 3 12:22:03 AST 2007

> I can't say I have ever been, the mailing list alone was enough noise  
> for me.  Even with the messages sent in bulk it was far too much  
> traffic.

 Yeah, the -users list is kinda crazy.  I only read stuff where the 
Subject looks interesting or if I notice the
name of someone I find usually posts interesting stuff. Otherwise it 
hits the bitbucket.

> up on power fail, and we had a series of power flickers in close  
> succession, that seemed to be too much for it.

 Ouch, can't say I've had that happen but I have seen some boards fry 
that way.

>> need oil a lot more often than CPU/PSU fans.
> Agreed, whenever possible I chose a card without.

 I keep a container of oil in my toolbox. It's amazing how far just a 
couple drops goes.

> I agree completely but lets not pigeon hole me here.  I do have  
> diverse experience with a number of distro's and flavors of Unix/ 
> Linux. :)  But when it comes to myth, fedora is the most familiar and  

 Hehe I was mainly referring to myth usage as it touches on a lot of 
things from filesystems,
network mounts/shares, an sql database, capture/tuner hardware, TV out, 
IR remotes,
etc etc and the  configuration of each often varies from distro to 
distro so a user should
use what they are most familiar with when jumping into a project that 
has so many options :)

That or go with one of the mythcentric distros like knoppmyth, 
mythbuntu, mythdora etc.

I've never used any of them but a lot of people do and makes get a setup 
for a novice much simpler.

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