[nSLUG] MythTV hardware?

Robin Murray subscriptions at robinandmariette.com
Sat Dec 1 15:48:56 AST 2007

I have a backend set up in my utility room running Ubuntu Feisty. It's 
an amd sempron 3000, 1/2 gig ram, and about 200gig hard drive space on 
an LVM. I haven't bothered with RAID. It also acts as my file share, web 
site and other things. I have a pvr500 which records two channels at a 
time, from two satellite receivers. I blast to the receivers using a mce 
usb remote. They are about 95% accurate, but I still have to mess with 
the aiming of the transmitters to get them perfect.

Under my TV I have a diskless system running Ubuntu Fiesty and just the 
frontend. It has a fanless nvidia board, and a massive, large diameter 
fan for the CPU. There are still two noisy fans in the power supply, but 
when I get some more bucks together I'll spring for an antec case to 
make it quieter. The frontend is an amd sempron, 1/2 gig ram, and it pxe 
boots from the server downstairs, so I have no swap drive. I am amazed 
at what I can run on this system with only 1/2 gig of ram and no swap. 
I've been meaning to add more, but it just hasn't been much of an issue, 
so I haven't bothered.

If you use Gutsy you should have an easier time that the previous 
releases. Most stuff just installs from the repos with little hand 
tweaking afterward.

I've checked into EPIA, but I've been scared off by what I've read 
regarding hardware problems. To me, if you have just one large heat sink 
on the CPU in a case designed to be very quiet, it will be much cheaper 
and you can use more conventional boards. It's not worth the extra 
expense and heartache to make a totally silent system.


Scott Syms wrote:
> Hi, folks-
> I'm embarking on a MythTV install; Tivo just looks too pricey.  I'll  
> prob use Mythubuntu, but I'm wondering what people are using for  
> hardware.
> I've got an old 1.2 GHz AMD machine and a plextor usb MPEG-2 hardware  
> encoder that I know works with MythTV/Linux, but I'd love to use a  
> passively cooled system to avoid the "fans die, computer overheats,  
> catches fire and takes out my neighbourhood" scenario.  I might be  
> paranoid about this, but a family member has just been through a fire  
> where the cause was a melted piece of electronics.
> What are people using?  Any local suppliers for VIA Epia type hardware?

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