[nSLUG] MythTV hardware?

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Sat Dec 1 14:49:20 AST 2007

> I'm embarking on a MythTV install; Tivo just looks too pricey.  I'll  
Welcome to the world of constant tinkering! :)

> What are people using?  Any local suppliers for VIA Epia type hardware?

My setup tends to be a little more complex than most but basically
I have:

1 Master backend - xp2500+/1G ram. - Runs mythbackend, mysql and is a 
local file server
- 3 PVR 250's for Analog capture
- 1TB of raid5 storage used for myth recordings and as my general file 
server with photos/music/apps etc etc
- Also runs mythfrontend with the output sent over an RF modulator to 
broadcast on channel 4 in my house cable
so any TV in the house can tune channel 4 and see (or hear with 
mythmusic) that frontend's output.
- 1 firewire cable connected to Eastlinks motorola settop box for 
recording every other channel. They enable it for
all channels you subscribe to. They just wont help you get it running. 
And yes you can record HDTV from it

1 Slave Backend - xp2400+1/G ram - runs mythbackend, vmware for the odd 
time I want a VM for something
- 1 Avermedia A180 - ATSC/QAM card. Since we have no over the air HDTV 
here I use it for recording the unencrypted
digital channels over cable. Which is basically all channels under 80 
but in digital form so the image is better and the recording
size smaller, the digital music channels and the VOD channels :) I run 
the mythtv-multirec branch so I can record 8 channels
at once on this card using 0% cpu. I have it permanently configured to 
allow me to record Global, CTV, ASN, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and CBC
My PVR cards are basically for space, tbs and my daughters cartoons.
recordings from this card are written an the NFS share on the master 
backend so all recordings are in one location.
- 2TB of raid5 storage for non recorded videos, rips of my dvd 
collection, and archived recordings

1 Frontend - Sempron 3000+/1G ram - runs mythfrontend,
- 2 mirrored 80G drives just for OS and such.
- This is our main machine and the only one used for HDTV playback in 
the house.
- I use an MCE remote as it was 5 minutes work getting it up and running 
using the example configs that come with the myth source
and on the mythtv.org wiki.

4 msntv2 settop boxes, hacked ro boot a linux kernel on a cf card and 
nfsrooting from the master backend.

- All nfsrooted, no moving parts, great TV out. Same cpu power as an 
xbox with twice the ram and dead silent :) I picked them up a while
back of ebay for an average of $9 each. They run mythfrontend and play 
SDTV recordings and divx/xvid avi's just fine.

(Photos for the curious)

All running Slackware 12. The frontends I turn off (the PC one I sleep 
so on/off is like 3 or 4 seconds and the Power button on the MCE turns 
it on) but the backends run 24/7

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