[nSLUG] MythTV hardware?

Scott Syms scottsyms at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 12:33:04 AST 2007

Hi, folks-

I'm embarking on a MythTV install; Tivo just looks too pricey.  I'll  
prob use Mythubuntu, but I'm wondering what people are using for  

I've got an old 1.2 GHz AMD machine and a plextor usb MPEG-2 hardware  
encoder that I know works with MythTV/Linux, but I'd love to use a  
passively cooled system to avoid the "fans die, computer overheats,  
catches fire and takes out my neighbourhood" scenario.  I might be  
paranoid about this, but a family member has just been through a fire  
where the cause was a melted piece of electronics.

What are people using?  Any local suppliers for VIA Epia type hardware?

tks mightily


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