[nSLUG] Nova Scotia internet services

Jason Kenney jdkenney at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 20:13:10 ADT 2007


Just to update on this, in case anyone really is counting, my IP
changed 6 times in August (the 1st, 9th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 25th).

I've also noticed some of these "service interruptions" most recently
in the last two days, but they have not caused an IP change.


On 8/15/07, Jason Kenney <jdkenney at gmail.com> wrote:
> My IP changes every time there is a service interruption of any kind.
> I've found that power tends to at least blip on a very regular basis
> in the south end, I think less tree-ed parts of the city may do a lot
> better. Although I will also notice the modem unable to locate service
> maybe once every two weeks, it probably happens more often than I
> notice it (despite what people may think do I not spend ALL my time in
> front of this thing :P), these last up to 10 minutes at a time. The
> result is maybe if I'm lucky I'll get two-three weeks with the same
> IP, some weeks it changes pretty much every other day.

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