[nSLUG] Re: Problem with XFCE (was: re: Gnome to KDE--> Stymied?at?kdm Login Screen)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Aug 31 02:21:51 ADT 2007

David Payne quoth:

> I couldn't really imagine doing some things without a GUI, or at least
> a window manager.

I went for a windowing environment -- X -- as soon as I had a chance.
I even hacked up a tiny, (if essentially useless) windowing thingy for
my home CP/M machine.  I have half a dozen X window open all the
time.  But no DE.

Do you remember back when saying, "It's a menu based system" was a
scornful slur for brain-dead software?  I'm trying, off and on, to get
at least minimally proficient with Gimp.  But after muddling through
all those cascading menus, GUI icons and the like for a while, I often
just close it and do the job with NetPBM tools.

wrlach> Personally, my main gripe with all graphical environments are
wrlach> their utter dependence on the mouse input (and the
wrlach> corresponding loss of expressiveness and efficiency). I mostly
wrlach> get around this by basically living inside of an emacs window
wrlach> (minus web and e-mail, though I've been meaning to get emacs
wrlach> working for the latter), so Ion didn't really do that much for
wrlach> me.

Ah! Another Emacs fan.  I've been doing email in GNU Emacs since
almost my first foray into *ix. For some reason, the system where I
got started made Emacs the default editor but mhmail the
default mail client -- possibly in part because mhmail stores
each message as a separate file.  Emacs groups messages in RMAIL or
so-called "Babyl format" files that are less convenient for some
purposes, say, grepping for forgotten content.  But Emacs RMAIL
remains my client of choice.

And Emacs also has a file manager, rather reminiscent of the Vernon
Buerg's LIST for MS-DOS.  (Just a little retro-rant here: The DOS DIR
command was just impossible.  MS never provided anything as good as
LIST for a file manager and people moved to Windows just because DIR |
MORE was so useless.)

Ooop, lightening.  Gotta get off line...

- Mike

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