[nSLUG] Problem with XFCE

William Lachance wrlach at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 00:10:29 ADT 2007

On Thu, 2007-30-08 at 21:08 -0300, Rich wrote:
> The first thing I do to a desktop, disable all the flash and
> animations 
> best I can.
> I tried running KDE, too much like Windows.  Whats with the
> animations!
> I clicked close - not spin like a spiraling square so I understand
> the 
> window is going to disappear.
> Whats with the fluid windows..  who the heck cares if a windows acts 
> like paper.
> To me its a waste of CPU cycles that can be used for compressing or 
> calculating something more useful.
> Desktop Sounds - its becomes annoying 0.3 seconds after initiation.
> I 
> even ripped out the old speaker, annoying beep.
> Give me fast, clean, graphics.

Some of you may be interested in ion, which does away with desktop
integration, window management, and indeed the use of the mouse:


Those who love console-based applications (vi and mutt) and don't want
any intermediaries between them and the underlying system will probably
find it heavenly after getting over the initial learning curve. 

Personally, my main gripe with all graphical environments are their
utter dependence on the mouse input (and the corresponding loss of
expressiveness and efficiency). I mostly get around this by basically
living inside of an emacs window (minus web and e-mail, though I've been
meaning to get emacs working for the latter), so Ion didn't really do
that much for me.
William Lachance <wrlach at gmail.com>
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