[nSLUG] Problem with XFCE

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Thu Aug 30 21:08:06 ADT 2007

Jack Warkentin wrote:
> Hi Everybody
> Sorry for the long delay in responding. Among several other major 
> projects I was trying to try out XFCE 4.4 as suggested by Rich.
> I had a quick look at Project Looking Glass but I can't say as the 
> idea of 3D graphics in a window manager turns me on. I guess I am 
> just an old fogey.

You're not the only one!  :) 

The first thing I do to a desktop, disable all the flash and animations 
best I can.
I tried running KDE, too much like Windows.  Whats with the animations!
I clicked close - not spin like a spiraling square so I understand the 
window is going to disappear.

Whats with the fluid windows..  who the heck cares if a windows acts 
like paper.
To me its a waste of CPU cycles that can be used for compressing or 
calculating something more useful.
Desktop Sounds - its becomes annoying 0.3 seconds after initiation.  I 
even ripped out the old speaker, annoying beep.

Give me fast, clean, graphics.   

Whats with Java everywhere - time to ditch it folks.  Its been an 
excruciatingly long 10+ years!
Sun - its broke - kill it.  Move on.   It didn't work for Cable TV, what 
in the world made you think, oh yeah.. we got this useless language now, 
lets stick it to the net!

We had to use a Java-client for VPN... on man what a disaster!!!  It was 
yanked after a month.
It was so bad - missing keystrokes, losing cap status, could not type a 
hash (#) (think developers - ALT 035 still worked), and the worst it 
could not handle more than 30wpm!
And of course, passwords are required to contain at least one cap!  So 
here you are trying your password for the 10th time, finally getting 
Often times, I typed the pass in the username, copied it and then pasted 
it.. it was the only way it would work.
My wife heard so many explicatives - I think I broke a keyboard in the 
process. :)
After 4 weeks of frustration, making complaints to the help desk ...  
one day when I clicked on the VPN, the java client was dead!
The bells must of been ringing somewhere.

I still see signs of Bad Java every site I go to.  Photo sharing sites 
have some good code, but they gets leaks so fast.
Since the new versions of Firefox, Java is locking up, spewing out 
broken code.  Often times, only way to fix it is to refresh once the 
browser free's up.

I'd hate to see what a Java Desktop would be like.  The horror!
I tried running a few Java apps here - they work good for a bit, then 
usually freeze up, and have to be killed.

When I see eye candy..  I worry... what doesn't work deep down that they 
use this as an illusion its working.
i.e.  The windows status bar on boot up... lol  all it was, was a 
rotating color pallete. 
Nice idea.. man my system is really loading fast, look at the bar go!  
Fooled most of the people...

oh well.. I guess I ranted enough.. :)
take care


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