[nSLUG] Re: Municiple WiFi: Wi-Fire USB Antenna

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Aug 29 14:54:22 ADT 2007

Geroge wrote:

> At home there are 4 other wireless routers visible to my upstairs
> office....

So... How do you "see" them?  Do you have some sort of software that
monitors wireless signals and provides a graphic display updated in
(more or less) real time?

What is it?

My distro has a bunch of command line utilities for wireless and all
is cool at home in the woods.  But if I go into town, I'd like to have
real time graphic updates on access point availability, signal
strength etc.  I'd want to choose which net to join if Bad Mojo Cafe,
Pogo Memorial Freenet, Default and KewlDoodNet all have open access
and usable signals.  I have the feeling I'm missing some software that
other people -- other Linux wireless users -- take for granted.

- Mike

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