[nSLUG] Fast scroll wheel action in X triggers paste or browser history navigation

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 15:33:42 ADT 2007

On 8/15/07, George N. White III <gnwiii at gmail.com> wrote:
> Gmail thinks this is spam -- I guess "fast" "action" and "X" are
> enough to trigger the filter.

Funny, as it is sent from gmail, but then of course it is recreated
as a new email from mailman.

> I've learned to be a bit deliberate with my scroll wheel, and use
> <Pg-Up> <Pg-Dn> in browsers.   I suspect it is all to easy to enter
> "clicks" when scrolling fast.  It does seem like I've had more glitches
> while scrolling recently (older ATI and Nvidia graphics hardware,
> KVM on a debian machine, USB mouse on Fedora 7).

I can reproduce my problem at will.  I just don't like doing it in an aterm
because I don't know what will happen.  One time I entered
a game of larn! (or whatever the name of the modern variant is now)
I hope I didn't delete anything as well.  Certainly would be
dangerous to run a term as root with a wild scroll wheel!

Scroll wheel is one of those things that once you start using it, it
becomes a habit for navigating, and so I have to choose between
not using X or fixing the problem on that system.

There is a program which will capture Xevents.  Forget the name
right now, but I think I'll run that and possibly submit a bug report.


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