[nSLUG] Nova Scotia internet services

Jason Kenney jdkenney at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 00:40:50 ADT 2007


I've only used Eastlink, and my current experience (NOT to be confused
with experience from two years ago, and NOT to be confused with
experience from four years ago, these were much different) is:

There is definitely traffic shaping on outgoing traffic, I only notice
on port 80 and 22 specifically, but going between say Dalhousie, I can
pull down at least 5 times what I can send up. I have not tried using
random ports to see if this is by port, but I would assume it is not.
However, if they only advertise 10/1 now, I guess this explains it. I
remember the days when I think it was just "5mbit speed" they
advertised? Your up was just as fast as the down anyway in those days.

My IP changes every time there is a service interruption of any kind.
I've found that power tends to at least blip on a very regular basis
in the south end, I think less tree-ed parts of the city may do a lot
better. Although I will also notice the modem unable to locate service
maybe once every two weeks, it probably happens more often than I
notice it (despite what people may think do I not spend ALL my time in
front of this thing :P), these last up to 10 minutes at a time. The
result is maybe if I'm lucky I'll get two-three weeks with the same
IP, some weeks it changes pretty much every other day.

I've had to call their tech support for two different locations, South
End and in Cole Harbour, and it was generally disastrous, with the
exception of one call where I was picked up by somebody wonderful.

I used to run SMTP out of my home, and I think I remember the deal was
you had to use their server as a relay for outgoing, but incoming was
direct as others have said.

Anecdotally, I've never had a problem with speed on Eastlink, but
generally I am told by "normal users" I know that Aliant is faster.

I figure they are probably so close it doesn't really matter.


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