[nSLUG] Nova Scotia internet services

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Tue Aug 14 15:50:16 ADT 2007

Indeed, I keep my Aliant IP for very long periods of time. And with  
dynamic DNS and 5 minute TTLs, it is really a non-issue, from my  
personal/residential - if geeky - perspective.

On Aliant, 25 is blocked, in and out, but I have never had an issue  
with their mail server moving outgoing mail. One of my mail accounts  
is brought down with Fetchmail, the other being relayed through a  
no-ip relay to a high port.. Which may actually be better, with them  
having backup MXs and me not.

Quoting Ian Campbell <ian at slu.ms>:

> Aliant is dynamic mapping, but as long as you can keep the PPPoE
> session established, you can keep the IP. Before the troubles, I had
> no problem keeping an IP for months at a time.
> Port blocking on either wouldn't surprise me in the least, though.

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