[nSLUG] Software Freedom Day question

CMC cmconrad at eastlink.ca
Tue Aug 14 08:17:06 ADT 2007

Ashley George wrote:
> Also, to reply to your original question, I haven't heard anything...
> Sorry I haven't replyed earlier, however a friend of mine called that I haven't seen in a while and we went out.
The only reason I had asked was some time ago there was mention of 
getting something going in conjunction with the Dal-ACM for one of 
their  installfests and turning it into an event for Software Freedom 
Day.  I was just wondering what became of that idea?

I am both a member and the web site master to the Halifax Area Personal 
Computer Club (HAPCC) http://hapcs.chebucto.org/index.html and at the 
last meeting I had mention that there was some talk about and event for 
SFD and there was much interest form the other members.  The chair had 
asked me to let him know when the event was and to see if we , the 
HAPCC, could reserve a table for the event, and since I haven't heard 
anything as of late I just thought I would throw out an inquiry.


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