[nSLUG] Nova Scotia internet services

Joe Dunn me at joedunn.com
Mon Aug 13 23:30:22 ADT 2007

Go Eastlink, its cheaper, faster and pretty stable. I moved to NYC from
Halifax and I use Time Warner for for alot more I get _alot_ less. You can
get an all in one package also. Mind you DVR's aren't as big in Halifax as
they are in bigger US cities.

Either or you'll enjoy the larger pipe at a cheaper price.

On 8/13/07, John Leidel <john.leidel at gmail.com> wrote:
> All, I'm in the process of relocating to the greater HRM area [keep your
> fingers crossed that the current offer on my house goes through].  I
> have question for the group regarding internet service in HRM.  This may
> be more of a philosophical question than practical, but I'll ask
> anyway...
> What is the best internet service provider in the HRM area in respect to
> the following ::
>   - performance/$$
>   - reliability
>   - general service
>   - connectivity [ie, do they block specific ports deliberately]
> Just as a comparison.. in Dallas, we have AT&T/SouthwesternBell aDSL
> running at 3.0Mbps up/512kbps down for ~$32.00 US a month.
> Now, in some areas, we have fibre to the premises running at ~15Mbps for
> $40 US a month [residential service]...  Just depends on whether they've
> already removed the `last copper mile` in your neighborhood.
> I assume you'll get better deals if you go with a television/phone/etc
> package.  I plan on getting at least cable/or satellite equivalent.
> I've seen providers like Eastlink and Aliant...but I'm not sure of the
> pros/cons...
> Any thoughts from the group ??
> cheers
> john
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