[nSLUG] Thanks for coming out!

CMC cmconrad at eastlink.ca
Thu Aug 2 17:44:51 ADT 2007

I would like to see an event here to support Software Freedom Day.  I 
noticed on the website of groups that are supporting this event that 
there are only 3 from Canada, 2 in Quebec and 1 in BC.  Perhaps NSLUG 
could submit its name.  It is free after all to sign up.  I feel we here 
in Nova Scotia should get more involved in events like these.


Oliver Doepner wrote:
> Oh, yes, sure. Forgot about the over-arching Free Software aspect for a 
> moment. I Just had a look at http://softwarefreedomday.org/. Maybe we 
> just call it "Software Freedom Day event" then (for lack of better title)?
> cheers
> Oliver
> Devin Horsman wrote:
>> I agree, but it should probabaly be more inclusive like for all groups 
>> that use free software.
>> or not... :D

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