[nSLUG] Replaced CD drive - won't boot, won't play, players don't recognize

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 08:08:45 ADT 2007

On 01/08/07, Robert Ashley <rb.ashley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Dave. I'm right now trying to find a good web site that
> illustrates and explains the different types and functions of various
> cabling in the computer box.

That's a good idea.  Things are going by way to fast here.

You need three sets of cables to the drive.
1) Power cables: Large molex connector (about an inch wide) on a cable
from the power supply to the drive.  Red, yellow, and black wires,
relatively thick.  You know this one, it's the same for hard drives.

2) Data cable.  40-pin ribbon connector with 40 wires (or 80 wires on
newer systems), usually grey, thin and flat.  Once again, you know this
one, it's the same as for hard drives.

3) Analog audio cable. Small connector (about a centimeter wide) with thin
cables, usually two black, one red and one white, sometimes blue. This is
about the same size as a small power cable (such as the one for floppy
drives) but the cables are thinner due to the small current.  They come in
many lengths, and have at least 5 "different standard" connectors possible
at the other end.  Some cables actually physically have five different
connectors at the other end; you use the one that fits and leave the
others hanging.  This normally plugs into your sound card, although it may
go into your motherboard if you have onboard sound, or you may have the

There are three examples on this page (10th, 11th, and 12th pictures):


Here's another one with a gazillion different ends:


Hope this helps,


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