[nSLUG] Article on why monoculture gets picked

Jonathan Anderson jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
Thu Apr 26 13:32:20 ADT 2007

On April 26, 2007, D G Teed wrote:
> The chain of experience is that these beasts read CIO Magazine and believe
> they are educated and up to date.

I understand your rationalle, and that of 
the "forget-the-philosophy-just-get-'er-done" argument put forward by Eric S. 
Raymond (and others). In the long run, however, the solution is to not let 
such people make technology decisions.

Now, in the short term, what can we do? If we need strong brand images, well, 
that's what Red Hat, SuSE and Ubuntu are for. Canonical can polish edges and 
like take out ads in magazines, but let's not forget: Ubuntu is nowhere 
without Debian. So sure, entities can dress up brand images for the 
simple-minded (as in, "I have a mind to make this simple", not necessarily "I 
have a simple mind"); they're already doing a pretty good job of this. But 
behind the scenes, that Free Software ecosystem (with all of its competition, 
cross-pollenation, evolutionary dead ends and other messiness) is essential.

Jonathan Anderson

jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
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