[nSLUG] Article on why monoculture gets picked

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 07:34:48 ADT 2007

On 4/25/07, Ian Campbell <ian at slu.ms> wrote:
> Anyone who sits down and says "Gosh, I really want a web server, but
> there are dozens of unfinished OSS ones. I'm so confused! I'll just
> stick with IIS" ... well you can't really do much to help that.

This is the only point in the last thread which is responding to the
topic, rather than an aimless tit for tat, so I'll respond to this.

Where I work, we do have an acting CTO.  And we are hiring one.
We just got rid of an incompetent one 3 years ago.  The chain
of experience is that these beasts read CIO Magazine and believe
they are educated and up to date.  They look at Microsoft or
Apple or other vendors and see organization.  They learn
about the zoology of open source by word of mouth
and their own research and they conclude it is too organic,
and chaotic.  The image imprinted in their brain is some hacker
in a dark basement.  That's the same image associated with
virus writers.  These people do not respond to technical
information.  They respond to marketing, brands, and
image manufacturing.

If you share my interest in seeing open source succeed you
will share my concerns that these corporate beasts find a way
to accept open source with an alternate image.

Without the acceptance, they feel compelled to make the least
risky decision.  That is why Redhat is this prevalent.  Redhat is
the house wine for someone who orders wine for the table
but does not drink wine.

For this reason, I believe the point of the article I referred to
was bang on.


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