[nSLUG] Image utility for Linux?

Gerard MacNeil aa030 at chebucto.ns.ca
Tue Apr 24 08:46:50 ADT 2007

On Tue, 2007-04-24 at 01:12 -0300, Mike Spencer wrote:

> automagically align and paste strips together.

> Now I have a flatbed scanner that works fine with SANE.  But I want to
> scan a portfolio of architectural line drawings that are just a tad
> too big for the scanner.
> Is there a Linux command line utility that will do this trick with two
> overlapping PBM images?  Or, for that matter, *any* Linux software that
> will do this for *any* image data format?

'hugin' is the GUI panaorma tool that is easy to use and allows you to
match up points on multiple images.  There is also 'autopano-sift' ...
Deb package says ...

Autopano-SIFT looks at your images and compares information about the
images' content to order them correctly. Together with programs like
and enblend, you can create top-quality panorama images.

Ah yes, 'enblend' is in there as well. 'autopano-sift' has Gnome MONO



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