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Jonathan Anderson jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
Sun Apr 15 23:54:07 ADT 2007

I've found that the only way to connect to MUN's wireless (aside from doing 
wpa_supplicant manually) is to use GNOME's nm-applet and specify a "Key Type" 
(crypto protocol) of TKIP. Auto doesn't work, I have to pick TKIP.

KNetworkManager doesn't give me this option (I guess it always uses auto), so 
I can't associate with the network at all. Thus, if I want to use Network 
Manager, I need to run nm-applet (which, of course, doesn't play nice with 
KWallet, so I have to enter my credentials every time I connect).

Bug reports are here:



On April 14, 2007, Ian Campbell wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 01:51:56PM -0230, Jonathan Anderson wrote:
> > Yeah, I should have stuck with Edgy. I was all hoping that
> > knetworkmanager would be upgraded to work with the campus wireless...
> > that didn't happen, and instead, I can't resume from suspend. Mumble
> > grumble...
> What's wrong with it and your campus wireless?
> I've been pretty happy with knetworkmanager + vpnc as a replacement
> for the ghetto Cisco linux vpn client, even if I had to install the
> gnome networkmanager package as well to get it.

Jonathan Anderson

jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
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