[nSLUG] Re: Slightly OT: icons and how we sometimes feel

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Apr 14 23:53:29 ADT 2007

> I mentioned this to my wife, who just happens to be a sociologist, and
> she had this to say:
> [snip]

Nice.  Thanks.

> Corporations have been personified and now have more rights and less
> responsibilities than the individual.

Drifting even further OT, but shortly to return...

I think this is one of the worst developments of the past century,
starting more or less with the Santa Clara decision.  And the
corporate persona is that of a psychopath: no responsibility or
sensitivity or anything or anyone other than the bottom line and/or
the share price.

I think this must be a massive source of cognitive dissonance for many
folks working in IT.  Most IT development occurs in a corporate
context where individuals tend to absorb or at least accommodate the
psychopathic corporate perspective. Yet much IT work has as its
putative goal creative contribution to the betterment of the world for
all of us.

May it's just great for FOSS that contributors can feel that they
expiate their workaday enfeoffment to a system intrinsically devoid of
empathy by creating freeware.


The pointer to Allegro was a good one.  I'm making great progress with
my little power hammer simulation project.  It has built in the
capability to render your program in an X window so you don't have to
learn any gnarly X programming at all to see yr app in X (instead of
switching to a console for SVGA.)

- Mike

[1] Okay, okay, "antisocial personality disorder" is the proper term
    but "psychopath" makes better rhetoric and is less MEGOgenic.


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