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Jonathan Anderson jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
Sat Apr 14 13:21:56 ADT 2007

Yeah, I should have stuck with Edgy. I was all hoping that knetworkmanager 
would be upgraded to work with the campus wireless... that didn't happen, and 
instead, I can't resume from suspend. Mumble grumble...

Of course, it's not really Ubuntu's fault that the ATI driver is broken, but 
mumble grumble nonetheless.


On April 14, 2007, David Payne wrote:
> Testing is more stable than unstable.  I might not know what I am
> talking about, but from watching the #ubuntu+1 channel on freenode I
> don't know what Feisty going to look like when it comes out.  The
> topic is: "Large parts of feisty were broken, Including booting, and a
> 403 on the kernel.  /msg ubotu breakage for more info.  2.6.20-15.25
> fixes these.  Don't use feisty yet on production systems.  Expect
> breakage."  Yesterday the first line said that feisty was broken.  It
> should be coming out in 5 days, you think they would have it a little
> more stable than that.  I use Ubuntu, and I like it, but I may just
> continue using 6.10 until 7.04 looks like it is somewhat stable.
> David Payne
> On 4/14/07, Jonathan Anderson <jonathan.anderson at ieee.org> wrote:
> > On April 13, 2007, D G Teed wrote:
> > > When I saw the forum notice by Ubuntu developers that they
> > > were going to ship by a gold date rather than fix a kernel problem
> > > that had alsa sound busted for a good percentage of users
> > > (despite the pleas of dozens of beta testers and an existing fix),
> > > I started to wonder what drove their priorities.
> >
> > Yeah, this is starting to get to me... halfway between Edgy and Feisty,
> > while running the bleeding edge, I said to myself, "never again... in the
> > future, I'm going to stick with the latest stable version." Now, however,
> > FGLRX updates mean that my laptop won't resume from suspend, and there's
> > no way this will be addressed before Feisty is final (which is within the
> > next week, I believe). So, I'll be stuck with the bleeding edge again.
> >
> > A predictable release cycle is nice for some reasons, but I'm really
> > starting to come back around to Debian's "I'll release it when it's
> > ready" approach. I might want cake at 1:00, but it's better to have cake
> > at 1:10 than cake mix at 1:00.
> >
> > Now my big question is, how much hassle will it be to go from Ubuntu
> > Feisty to Debian unstable (which is more stable, unstable or testing?)?
> >
> >
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