[nSLUG] Slightly OT: icons and how we sometimes feel

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 08:34:09 ADT 2007

I was reading an
the Author of "Made to Break"
regarding planned obsolescence.

He made a statement about icons in our culture which I think
has some relevance to how people sometimes feel about
Macs, types of Linux, and more.

*GILES SLADE:* Yes, younger people don't want to hear anything negative
> about the iPod <http://www.stayfreemagazine.org/iDud/index.html>. I might
> as well put a turban on and grow a long beard. It comes down to the social
> value of consumer goods as icons. If I'm saying something negative about
> your tribe's icon, it's as if I'm attacking you personally. Also, younger
> people have much less sense that things should last. I find that really
> disturbing.

He has the turban part and many other details mixed up in his interview, but
I think this sociology remark is interesting.  Why do people want
to attach to brands as deeply as tribal people would feel about
their icons?  I grew up in the 70's and then there was an embarrassment
to wear clothing showing brands.  People ripped off the leather
tab on Levis.  This was the practise among ordinary
teenagers living in the sticks, who wore white Adidas shoes
with 3 blue stripes all winter long, not radicals of the left.

Something to think about.

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