[nSLUG] Debian Etch, Iceweasel and Google Sync bookmarks

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Sat Apr 14 02:53:47 ADT 2007

On 13-Apr-07, at 21:54 , rejean chamberland wrote:

> Last week I replaced Debian Sarge (stable) with Etch (stable). I  
> did a Netinstall because switching from Xfree to Xorg seemed a  
> little too complicated for me.

while dist-upgrade usually does work. A fresh install has always been  
cleaner. I recommend it.

> The only problem, so far, is when I try to install the Google sync  
> bookmarks in Ice weasel.

> Someone suggested to get a Ubuntu repository and install Firefox.

This might work today, but what about in six months when you need to  
upgrade Firefox/iceweasel to patch a critical vulnerability? You are  
better off solving the problem with iceweasel. Iceweasel is a close  
fork of firefox and should work with all the extentions. If an  
extention does not work it is likely a bug that needs fixing. If you  
can't find a solution on any of the forums by the end of the weekend  
you should file bugs with both Debian and the google sync developers.  
Please check to insure bugs have not already been filed.



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