[nSLUG] Debian Etch, Iceweasel and Google Sync bookmarks

rejean chamberland laudire2you at yahoo.ca
Fri Apr 13 22:54:27 ADT 2007

Hi all!
Last week I replaced Debian Sarge (stable) with Etch (stable). I did a Netinstall because switching from Xfree to Xorg seemed a little too complicated for me.
The install went ok. I had to " apt-get install" a bunch of softwares so I could watch internet news clips and listen to CBC radio but everything seems under control.
The only problem, so far, is when I try to install the Google sync bookmarks in Ice weasel. Whenever I try to do so I end up to a site that wants me to install Firefox 2.0. 
I really like the google sync browser that lets me move to one distro from another keeping track of where I was, what I bookmarked, etc.
Someone suggested to get a Ubuntu repository and install Firefox.
Would it work? Create conflicts with iceweasel?
What do you recommend? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated! 
P.S. Good work for those who worked on Etch. It rocks!

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