[nSLUG] Finding linux products and software

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Fri Apr 13 01:15:29 ADT 2007

On 12-Apr-07, at 20:18 , D G Teed wrote:

> Mark Shuttleworth looks at these
> existing distros, and wants a faster pace of change, and other  
> features,
> real soon, not 3 years out.

You are being disingenuous. Mark Shuttleworth clearly agrees with  
much of the philosophy behind Debian. He funded Ubuntu to produce a  
system more focussed on the needs of average users. Obviously he felt  
that he could not achieve these goals within Debian. Ubuntu does not  
ship bleeding edge software. Ubuntu strives to ship every 6 months to  
correspond with the stable releases of Gnome. Ubuntu also has  
committed to the long term support of 6.06: 3 years for the desktop  
version, 5 years for the server. Other releases of Ubuntu will be  
supported for 18 months. Like Debian Ubuntu also tries to maintain an  
easy upgrade path from version to version.

> I just wish the talented people who feel inspired to
> forge a new distro would understand what has
> come before them, and then join, enrich and revamp
> the existing mature distros.

Joining an open source project is not always the best way to enrich  
and revamp the existing project. If the project leadership is  
unwilling to change or the project has decided to go down a road that  
does not mesh with the goals of the talented person then the best  
solution may be to fork the project. This happens with opensource all  
the time. Ubuntu is a close fork of Debian. It has attracted a number  
Debian developers who have brought their knowledge of how a  
distribution should work. It is worth noting that Mark Shuttleworth  
did work with Debian in the past.



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