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Jonathan Anderson jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
Thu Apr 12 23:20:54 ADT 2007

On April 12, 2007, Ian Campbell wrote:
> You can update from 6.x to 7.x without a CD. There are some reported
> hiccups on 6.06 -> 6.10 for some users, but 6.10 -> 7.04 works fine.
> It's not quite just changing the sources list, but it's close.

I've found that such an upgrade requires changing the sources list and then 
aptitude dist-upgrade'ing several times. The first go gets 60-70% of the 
packages, the next gets you to 95%, and the last go or two finish the job.

There can be some very thorny dependancy issues, so that fact that it suceeds 
at all is quite impressive (and is, of course, owed to the sweetness that is 
Debian). The only real problem that I've seen is when a file gets moved from 
one package (e.g. ubuntu-docs) to another (e.g. kubuntu-docs). Then aptitude 
can really get its proverbial knickers in a knot, requiring manual 
intervention. I don't know if Debian or Red Hat could handle that, though 
(other than not moving files from package to package).

Jonathan Anderson

jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
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