[nSLUG] Finding linux products and software

Jason Kenney jdkenney at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 19:01:08 ADT 2007

> What does having 3 to 5 year old systems have to do with the length of
> support Ubuntu promises for their distributions?  I have run Debian and
> Ubuntu both on systems that old.  Ubuntu does not say "if you are running
> a five year old system we will not support you".  They *do* say "if you
> are running a distribution we released five years ago we will not support
> you."
> So while you do, in fact, make a good point about anticipating needs and
> choosing wisely, you picked an example to back it up that did not apply
> to the situation at hand (unless Donald was indeed talking about
> continuing to milk along to its ultimate death a 5 year old distribution,
> which wasn't entirely clear to me from the start, but I suspected not).
> Ben

Ah, I didn't notice the distinction being made between 3-5 year old
computers, and 3-5 year old distributions. To me a "system" is not
limited to just the hardware, but that's unfortunately a very loosely
(and widely?) defined term.



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