[nSLUG] On irrelevant linux questions and taking things seriously

Michael Gillie mikegpc at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 22:52:54 ADT 2007

On 4/11/07, Ben Armstrong <synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca> wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 16:28:39 -0300
> "Michael Gillie" <mikegpc at gmail.com> wrote:
> > WHOAH!!! I'm a little shocked by all the responses. Let me clarify a few
> > thinks about my survey. This is not REALLY a market study. It's a
> personal
> > interest.
> OK.  The morning didn't start well for me, so I got a little too heated.
> Let's get back to what you were aiming at, then ...
> > Then, i now get the drift that very few would pay for a service
> > that they can very easily get freely. At this point, i am not really
> > interested in my own distro, but trying to find people who would truly
> > appreciate a server that would not carry just one STYLE of FLAVOR of
> > linux/minix/*nix, but get as many as possible in one spot. People would
> not
> > be asked to pay for the products or the services, as i too, agree that
> it
> > would be outrageous. However, what about donating funds to the
> development
> > and expansion of such a service?
> Well, I wouldn't be personally interested in such a thing.  There is
> http://distrowatch.com/ if you just want to go "distro shopping".  Or else
> once you've found a distro you like, sticking close with them and getting
> the support directly is going to serve you much better than some "portal"
> or intermediary between you and the distro community & support channels.
> > I find that going all hell west and crooked trying to find linux
> products
> > and related software is a real pain in the back side, and I knew that
> there
> > was a multiple flavored linux server out there, by gosh and by golly i'd
> be
> > the first to be johny on the spot.
> Which distros have you tried?  What sort of software are you looking for?
> I have found it not terribly difficult to find what I want most of the
> time.
> It tends to be all included in the distro itself.
> Ben
> --
> Ok, you have asked the evil question >WINK!!<, as far as which distros i
have tried. Well... I started with an older one, CollegeLinux, then moved to
Fedora Core 3, Linspire, Mandriva 2006 Dec Ed., RedHat 7.1,  Mepis, Ubuntu
(Dapper, i think), Mandriva  One, Mandrake Move...... Shall i continue???

In my two years of playing & working with linux (mind u i am 19, but that is
irrelevant!!), I have learned new things every time i turn the machine on!!!
For example, today i learned HOW to get my Wireless card working!! AND I
succeeded, a sense of pride on something so simple to some might be silly,
but to me, this was a REALLY BIG issue... Next is my ATI Mobility Radeon
X1400, lol.

The more i work with linux, i come to like it more, and now, i am making the
transfer over to linux, 100%. and running Windows under a InnoTek VirtualBox
Virtual machine.

I'm seriously fed up with Microsoft running the market, and believe in
pushing linux to a MUCH HIGHER level, and will do it one way or another.

You do realize that there are ppl out there who believe that if software or
OS's don't cost anything, they aren't much good. I'm out to prove a POINT!!
I think linux has a good position, we just need to give it a push up.

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