[nSLUG] looking for: a Debian based, or Win32 based OSS server

Michael Gillie mikegpc at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 17:21:58 ADT 2007

I'm just looking for the software... Lately, all i can find that is simple
to use, is ServU FTP. But within 2 weeks, it crashes. I keep reconfiguring
it, but it keeps crashing. I need something stable, that will work on
wireless internet. I have been using Windows XP, but I desperately want to
switch over to wireless, and have had pointers, which i am going to follow.

If HTTP is faster, let me know an easy-to-use-and-config http server. In the
main-time, i'm looking for an easy FTP that will support wireless and my
Domain Name.



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