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Rolana Johnson rolana at gmail.com
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Hi and welcome! I'll answer inline as well.

On 4/9/07, Michael Gillie <mikegpc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Michael, and I'm a brand new member.
> I am currently in the IT Program hosted by the NSCC.
> Right now, i have some questions or a survey (if you want to call it that
> :-p )  that i am aiming at every member who is willing to answer. If this
> poses a problem, please let me know.
> I am trying to understand a few key elements, for a school and personal
> project. I am, myself, like you are, a  linux user, and would swear by it
> alone if i were not on a wireless network, and if my school work did not
> require Windows XP to run.
> So, without further ado, i will ask my questions... (you do NOT need to
> answer them if you feel uncomfortable with them. :-)
> 1. How long have you been using linux? about 4 years
> 2. When you use linux, do you use a separate computer, or do you dual boot
> with Windows (That's if you even use Windows)? I multiboot, I have Winxp,
> Mandriva 2007, PClos SuperGamer, Mandriva One gamer edition, and Slackware.
> 3. What is you favorite Distribution? Thats a tough one I use Mandriva
> 2007 the most so I guess that would be the one.
> 4. If your linux distro has various versions and levels, please give that
> info.
> 5. Do you use Open-Source software in both Windows and Linux? Definitely,
> I use it when ever I can in windows.
> 6. Where do you get most of your linux and open-source programs from? Repositories
> mostly, but some from the home site like Planeshift
> 7. Are there any stores OR servers, within the Maritimes,  that market /
> distribute linux related items and open-source software? None that I have
> seen
> 8. If not, would you support a linux and open-source distributor within
> Nova Scotia, and the Maritimes? Sure why not.
> 9. Finally, is download speed something you are willing to pay for, to get
> a better speed (having access to ALL programming whether the membership is
> paid, or free), or would you rather pay membership, and have a limited
> amount of access to a server's contents, whether you were a free level
> member,  minimum member, or maximum member? ***  Considering all I can get
> now is dialup, I would certainly pay to have highspeed access.
> 10. Finally, how many other people do you know (outside this group) that
> are into Linux? Well if you count my fellow gamers quite a few, which
> actually surprised me as Linux isn't known for being good for gaming.
> Although some of us have found that the games that work in linux tend to run
> faster in linux than windows. I have got a few people to try linux
> especially since live CDs are available.
> ***I know for a fact, that some sites, like Mandriva Community will charge
> fees for access to their products, to help fund their operation, and
> increase download speeds. I also know that other sites will charge you a
> small fee per month/year, which will give you a higher download speed, even
> when you had free access to ALL programming, just with a low transfer rate
> .
> I hope that these questions don't overstep any boundaries that this group
> may have, but i figured this would be the spot to ask my questions!
> Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated!!
> Michael
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