[nSLUG] linux questions

Jonathan Anderson jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
Tue Apr 10 07:12:34 ADT 2007


> I am trying to understand a few key elements, for a school and personal
> project. I am, myself, like you are, a  linux user, and would swear by it
> alone if i were not on a wireless network, and if my school work did not
> require Windows XP to run.

What's your wireless setup? wpa_supplicant (and to a lesser extent, 
NetworkManager) can connect to a dizzying array of wireless networks if you 
know how to configure them.

> 1. How long have you been using linux?

About three years.

> 2. When you use linux, do you use a separate computer, or do you dual boot
> with Windows (That's if you even use Windows)?

Windows? Where we're going, we don't *need* Windows.

But seriously, when I need to run Windows apps, I do it inside VMWare Server.

> 3. What is you favorite Distribution?

Debian. I use Ubuntu on my laptop and Debian on my server, but Ubuntu is only 
possible because of Debian's excellent tools and repositories.

I don't want to imagine a world without Debian.

> 4. If your linux distro has various versions and levels, please give that 
> info.

Laptop: Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (since the day after Edgy came out)
Server: Debian Etch

> 5. Do you use Open-Source software in both Windows and Linux?


> 6. Where do you get most of your linux and open-source programs from?

apt-get install

> 7. Are there any stores OR servers, within the Maritimes,  that market /
> distribute linux related items and open-source software?

Not to my knowledge.

> 8. If not, would you support a linux and open-source distributor within
> Nova Scotia, and the Maritimes?

Probably not... I live in Newfoundland. :P

> 9. Finally, is download speed something you are willing to pay for, to get
> a better speed (having access to ALL programming whether the membership is
> paid, or free), or would you rather pay membership, and have a limited
> amount of access to a server's contents, whether you were a free level
> member,  minimum member, or maximum member? ***

Is this a marketing survey? :)

Anyway, no. The thing about free software is that anybody can mirror it. My 
school's CS department maintains a mirror for DSL (Damn Small Linux), Fedora, 
Gentoo, Knoppix, SuSE and Ubuntu. I can download all the ISOs I want, and it 
doesn't cost anybody a dime.

> 10. Finally, how many other people do you know (outside this group) that
> are into Linux?

A few. Maybe... five or six?

Jonathan Anderson

jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
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