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Michael Gillie mikegpc at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 22:33:53 ADT 2007


My name is Michael, and I'm a brand new member.
I am currently in the IT Program hosted by the NSCC.
Right now, i have some questions or a survey (if you want to call it that
:-p )  that i am aiming at every member who is willing to answer. If this
poses a problem, please let me know.

I am trying to understand a few key elements, for a school and personal
project. I am, myself, like you are, a  linux user, and would swear by it
alone if i were not on a wireless network, and if my school work did not
require Windows XP to run.

So, without further ado, i will ask my questions... (you do NOT need to
answer them if you feel uncomfortable with them. :-)

1. How long have you been using linux?
2. When you use linux, do you use a separate computer, or do you dual boot
with Windows (That's if you even use Windows)?
3. What is you favorite Distribution?
4. If your linux distro has various versions and levels, please give that
5. Do you use Open-Source software in both Windows and Linux?
6. Where do you get most of your linux and open-source programs from?
7. Are there any stores OR servers, within the Maritimes,  that market /
distribute linux related items and open-source software?
8. If not, would you support a linux and open-source distributor within Nova
Scotia, and the Maritimes?
9. Finally, is download speed something you are willing to pay for, to get a
better speed (having access to ALL programming whether the membership is
paid, or free), or would you rather pay membership, and have a limited
amount of access to a server's contents, whether you were a free level
member,  minimum member, or maximum member? ***
10. Finally, how many other people do you know (outside this group) that are
into Linux?

***I know for a fact, that some sites, like Mandriva Community will charge
fees for access to their products, to help fund their operation, and
increase download speeds. I also know that other sites will charge you a
small fee per month/year, which will give you a higher download speed, even
when you had free access to ALL programming, just with a low transfer rate.

I hope that these questions don't overstep any boundaries that this group
may have, but i figured this would be the spot to ask my questions!

Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated!!


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